10 Amazing Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

28 Jan 19 | Content marketing, Email Marketing, Online marketing, Small business

Small business owners know that they need to attract new customers as well as giving their current customers a good reason to come back, but are also aware of the importance of investing both their time and money in methods that are actually going to work.

Email marketing has quickly become one of the most effective methods of building solid relationships with your current network and prospects, for generating leads and for driving a better ROI.

It’s a highly cost-effective way for small business owners to develop deeper connections with a larger audience. Just some of the key benefits of email marketing include:

1. It’s inexpensive
Email marketing is inexpensive and easy to set up. You can create email lists for current and future customers without spending anything at all. Alternatively, you could hire an email service provider to help you manage and send your email campaigns at an affordable price.

2. Easy to share and attract new clients
Few marketing methods are as simple as email marketing. You can send stories, offers, announcements, news and more and enable the sharing of these to an even wider audience by adding clickable share buttons to your emails. Those who share your messages are advocates for your brand and will help you to increase your visibility and share information about your products or services to many more. When a subscriber shares an email on social media, your brand receives greater credibility and exposure.

3. It’s fast!
Email marketing is amazingly fast. Once you have designed your template, you can send out a mass email in just a few minutes and in seconds it’ll be in the inbox of your recipients. If you have a great offer or informative, engaging content, you could start getting hits in minutes.

4. It’s easy and convenient
An email marketing campaign is much easier to run than other more traditional marketing campaigns. Once you’ve created a template you can use it over and over again, you simply ‘replicate’ the previous campaign, insert your text, links and call to actions.

5. Targeted marketing
With email marketing, it’s easy to control exactly who sees your emails by segmenting your recipients based on their lead status, location, demographics or any other targeting data. This means that your audience will receive relevant content best suited to their needs and interests. You can customise your message for each customer to make them feel special.

6. Learn what works and what doesn’t
Analytics is an indispensable part of every marketing campaign and helps businesses measure how well their campaigns are performing. It’s easy to view the results of your campaign and assess how people are responding, those who clicked, those who marked it as spam and those who took action. This valuable data can help you trim your list, develop a better understanding of your customer’s needs and interests and improve your marketing copy to make it more effective. Carrying out analysis and monitoring customer engagement will enable you to refocus your marketing strategy for better results.

7. Generate leads
You may not convert prospects into paying customers instantly via email marketing, but it certainly does offer an invaluable way of capturing their attention and igniting their interest, so that when they are ready to purchase they know who to call.

8. Drive website traffic
Email marketing can help to generate interest in your company and all that it has to offer. It often results in a higher number of website visits and clicks.

9. Promote services and Boost sales
The advantage of having email subscribers is that you already know that they’re interested in what your business represents and has to offer. You can plan your email campaigns carefully across the course of the year, get your emails out and receive positive reactions in minutes.

10. Increase visibility and stay on people’s radar
Email marketing results in more people seeing your business name and information online, if you are out of the sight you are out of mind. When your emails are received by people it reminds them of what you do and how you could help them. It may remind them that they had been meaning to contact you.

There is no doubt that email marketing has an edge over other marketing methods. It’s an instant technique for gaining answers to questions about your audience. It offers your customers an opportunity to learn more about you so that they feel more comfortable buying from you. You can customise different messages for different audiences and create excitement for your products or services.

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