8 Mindfulness Tips For Entrepreneurs

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Modern day entrepreneurs are usually so busy striving to juggle many things at once that they forget to embrace the present. The business world is continuing to embrace mindfulness training, and for good reason.

People from different industries and circles of life are learning to take time to step back and simply focus on the moment. Cultivating mindfulness has helped many entrepreneurs achieve their goals and gain greater enjoyment from their work and life. Among other science-backed benefits, being mindful is associated with increased productivity and focus. There are several ways entrepreneurs can incorporate mindfulness techniques into their tight schedules to boost their health, wellbeing and businesses.

1. Focus On One Task at a Time

We’re taught to multitask, move fast and produce the best results. This is a mentality that’s ingrained in us throughout our lives to the point where we’re obsessed with productivity and speed. Well, the truth is that this mentality is truly against our inherent nature. In fact, the human mind is unable to multitask; rather it can only switch between tasks at a fast pace. Focusing on one task at a time helps to relax the mind and carry out tasks with better attention and focus, even in the midst of distractions. When you have one task underway, stick to it.

2. Slow Down

Just as you would savour precious moments by taking the time to enjoy them, try to do everything this way. Tune into sounds and sights and awaken your senses to what’s happening around you. Notice when you are rushing and ask yourself is that the best state to be in for that moment. Slowing down and practicing mindfulness in this way allows us to enjoy the smaller moments.

3. Patience Pays

Mindfulness takes patience to develop. You’ll have to invest some time and effort, and before you know it, the benefits will start trickling in. You’ll begin to feel more in the moment and alive. Mindfulness is like a muscle, practice makes perfect. As it’s easy to lose mindfulness, you’ll need indicators that you’re on the right path to mindful thinking. One of the best ways to ensure you’re practicing correctly is to practice meditation and perform breathing exercises.

4. Take A Few Minutes to Do Nothing

Short breaks, spread throughout the day can work wonders for the ever-busy mind of an entrepreneur, five to ten minutes of still can be especially rewarding. The main idea is to learn how to be in the here and now: how to be present. It sounds easy, but many of us can’t stay still for a minute without being on the phone, interacting with others, reading or eating. Doing nothing simply means doing absolutely nothing and not giving a thought towards future planning or reminiscing about the past. Give your mind a ten-minute break to keep it refreshed and working at its best.

5. Embrace digital mindfulness

Leveraging technology is an excellent way to ease into a more mindful way of living and there are plenty of apps to help you. Calm and Headspace are two excellent apps that will lower your stress levels and calm your mind.

Apps such as these feature breathing exercises, guided meditations and other valuable tools to help you improve their focus and reduce your tension. They’re designed to accommodate the busy professional, so they typically deliver content in short 10-20 minute chunks for easy incorporation into your daily routine.

6. Don’t be Too Hard on Yourself

Part of practicing mindfulness is learning acceptance, non-judgement and compassion to yourself and others. This entails developing an impartial attitude towards our feelings, thoughts, and sensations without laying too much emphasis on them or taking them to heart.

Learn to forgive yourself when your mind wanders incessantly or when you’re inconsistent in your practice. No matter what, keep at it. With time, you will learn how to overcome the distractions and embrace mindfulness, and that’s when the healing process begins.

7. Meditation

Mindfulness meditation comes with a host of benefits to the individual. It can help you sleep better and lower your stress levels. Like most things, the more time you put into practice, the better you get at filtering out the clutter and focusing solely on meditation.

8. Go where you’re Motivation is Highest

There’s no one-size-fits-all guideline to mindfulness training. Mediation is a great way to be more mindful, but you don’t need to feel that your practice must be a sitting meditation. Try a few different methods and choose one that works best for you. Choose what you’re most motivated to make a regular habit. Whether you opt for mindful walking each morning or mindful breathing exercises with a view of the sunrise, it’s crucial that you follow your motivation.

Entrepreneurialism is an awarding yet highly stressful and challenging endeavour. Mindfulness can help entrepreneurs to be more resilient and to dissociate themselves from the tensions and frustrations that go along with creating and running your own company. It enhances their productivity and creativity and gives them the strength to persevere when things get tough.

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