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Writing content is a critical yet time consuming task for any small business owner. When we reach out to or respond to potential clients, we’re writing, when we send email marketing campaigns, we’re writing, when we create posts for social media, we’re writing, when we create a website or a blog, we’re writing!

Why is all this writing so important?

It’s crucial to create engaging and impeccable content because this is how we connect with our audience. If a potential client or customer ‘likes’ your Facebook page, your updates will then be visible in that persons newsfeed, therefore the more relevant and valuable the content is the better.

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Since I have a passion for words I help my clients to produce meticulous writing speedily and efficiently. By assisting with the creation, editing and proofing of content I reduce their tension and save them time and money.

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what can I do for you?

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I can relieve you of the pressure of producing an immaculate piece of writing to tight deadlines. Passing over the writing of your blog posts to me will help you to be more productive and better able to concentrate on other issues at hand.

I can review, draft, re-write, edit, proofread and make any necessary revisions to your content. I will ensure that it’s free from spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. I will edit your work to ensure it has a high readability score, a clear and consistent tone, is easy to understand and consume and exhibits flawless and elegantly structured sentences and paragraphs.

Sometimes it’s best to step away from your written work and allow a fresh pair of eyes to complete the editing process for you. Two pairs of eyes really are better than one!

I can assist you with any of the following: 

  • Email Newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Social media profiles and pages
  • Blog posts and other articles
  • Ebooks
  • Website copy
  • Marketing and ad copy
  • Business Communications
  • Letters and emails
  • Presentations
  • Training material
  • Business brochures
  • Business correspondence
  • Surveys and questionnaires

    Say farewell to your writing tension and free yourself up to concentrate on those other tasks you need to do in order for your business to flourish.

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    I’m absolutely convinced that you are amazingly good at this and I’ll certainly be recommending you to others in my field


    What are the benefits of blogging for your business?

  • It boosts search engine optimisation and traffic
  • It allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise and to build relationships with existing and potential customers
  • It allows you to establish your position as an industry leader
  • It creates opportunities for your content to be shared by others and to reach an even wider audience
  • It allows you to show a more personal side to your business and humanises your brand
  • It provides fresh rich content to share as part of your social media strategy
  • It improves your conversion rates and helps to generate inbound links
  • It increases leads
  • It connects people to your brand
  • Many small business owners struggle to find the time to keep their blog active. Outsourcing your blog management and writing will ease your stress and add bounds of extra time to your schedule enabling you to do more of what you love.

    Sophie is highly enthusiastic about her work, willing to turn her hand at anything to help others and always radiates happiness!

    Liz Hutchins

    Teaching Colleague