Email Marketing

Are you a small business owner who is aware of the power of email as a marketing strategy but struggle to find the time to invest in it?

Would you like to build credibility with your audience, strengthen recognition of your brand, boost traffic to your website and generate more leads?

If you’re serious about growing your business and generating fast results email marketing is the smart way to go.

Savvy business owners are aware of just how important it is to attract new customers and convince current ones to return, but it’s equally important to invest your precious time and money in methods that are going to work!

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Why delegate your email marketing?

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Delegation is the road to business prosperity and growth.  You don’t need to do it all alone. Attempting to tackle every task, project and problem yourself is only heightening your stress levels. It’s simply not possible for one person to assume responsibility for everything.  Delegation is the vehicle that enables you to work  on  your business, whilst others work  in  your business

By outsourcing your email marketing, you are also outsourcing your stress!



     You hand over the management of your email campaigns to me and in turn your stress levels are reduced and you gain the time you need to drive your business forward.  Doing so frees you up to do more of what you love and to attend to bigger projects with greater focus and clarity.

    Outsourcing your email marketing is a sure-fire way of ensuring both your business and income continues to grow.
    Even seeking just a few hours a month of help will bring you huge amounts of relief.

    Just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your email marketing are:

    • You can spend more time giving your best attention to your existing clients and work at winning new ones.
    • You can allocate more time to your business strategy.
    • You can spend more time with your family, friends, partner or ‘you’.
    • You can invest in your own personal development.
    • You can take a break all the while having the peace of mind that essential tasks will be taken care of in your absence.
    • You’ll enjoy significant reductions in tension and stress levels.
    • Your productivity will soar.
    • Your motivation and drive will be renewed.

    What can i do for you?

    Just some of the tasks I could handle on your behalf include:

    • Email Provider account set up
    • Gathering and uploading of your email list
    • List management
    • Newsletter template design
    • Newsletter customisation with branding and imagery
    • Setting up and testing of newsletters
    • Newsletter editing and proofreading
    • Newsletter sending or scheduling
    • Training on how to use the email marketing tool
    • Running reports with data on open and click through rates
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    To discuss how I could ease your workload by managing your email marketing please contact me today for a free consultation.

    Small business owners understand that email is a powerful marketing strategy but due to limited time and resources haven’t yet fully embraced it.


    • It helps you to build credibility with your audience by sharing useful and informative content.
    • It provides an effective communication tool to help build strong relationships with existing and potential customers.
    • It strengthens brand recognition and extends your reach when your content is shared or forwarded to others.
    • It enables you to keep your customers well informed of updates, events, promotions, new products and services.
    • It enables you to tap into your creativity and design beautiful branded newsletters to captivate your audience.
    • It boosts website traffic and generates leads.
    • Email marketing metrics help you to understand how your content is performing, thus increasing your understanding of the needs and interests of your customers.
    • It generates fast results and increases sales.
    • It cultivates excitement and interest in your brand.
    • It helps you to grow your audience, promote your products and services, increase your value and attract new clients.


    What I like most about working with Sophie is that she is so willing and capable and for things that she doesn’t know she learns so I feel I can entrust most things to her with confidence.

    She has helped me with my business at a very critical time when I needed to recover much that had been let slide – she has worked tirelessly with me on this and I cannot thank her enough. She has been a life and business saver. I would recommend her to others reluctantly because I love the fact that is so available to me most of the time .. and I want her to continue to work with me for the foreseeable future.

    Sue Knight

    International NLP Trainer, Business Consultant, Speaker and Author

    Many small business owners struggle to find the time to maintain their email marketing activity. Outsourcing your email marketing will ease your stress and add bounds of extra time to your schedule enabling you to do more of what you love.

    I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Sophie and found her to be one of the most proactive, flexible and effective people I’ve ever worked with. Sophie has a great understanding of how fast paced and busy people’s lives are, both professionally and personally, and will help make your life a lot more organised and your priorities easier to manage.

    Karen Halsey

    Work Colleague, Microsoft