Event Planning and Marketing

Would you love to run events for your business but don’t have the time to organise and promote them?

Running an event is a fantastic way of increasing your brand visibility, promoting your business, showcasing your products and services and wowing potential new customers.  Getting your target audience into a room where you can speak to them directly is a powerful way of engaging them and convincing them of the value you can offer.

Event management is however stressful, time intensive and involves a great deal of multi-tasking. The planning, marketing and execution of events is an enormous task particularly for a small business owner struggling to get everything done each day.  They also generate painfully long to do lists.


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The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that hard and luckily for my clients. I thrive on the challenge of planning events.  Enlisting my support means that you’ll still have the time to focus on your other priorities and projects whilst the event preparations are taking place.  I work with you to ensure that your event objectives are met.  It’s a meeting of minds, a joined alliance with one ultimate goal.

Having an extra pair of hands to help tackle the workload can really help to reduce your tension.  Events take time and the planning can start months ahead of the scheduled date so you can hire me for a few hours to begin with and up it nearer the time.


how can i help your business?

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Some of the tasks that I can help you with include:

  • Researching and booking venues
  • Venue and supplier research
  • Organising catering
  • Communicating with vendors
  • Booking speakers
  • Setting up event pages
  • Event queries and communications
  • Managing tickets and registration
  • Sending invitations
  • Booking travel and accommodation
  • Budget management/negotiations with suppliers
  • Event marketing and promotion
  • Guest list creation and management
  • Post event surveys and feedback


I’d love to hear from you


If you’d like to discuss how I could relieve you of your event planning tension contact me today for a free consultation.

When I first started working with Sophie I did it for 2 reasons. 1, Her email sent out to see if anyone needed help was smart, genuine and very professional. I knew I wanted to work with Sophie. What I love most about working with her, if I had to choose, is that she is very pro-active. Always keeping on top of what may be needed at any given moment, a few steps ahead of me sometimes. As a sole business owner it’s like having someone holding me accountable to what I said I was going to do. She is also very prompt and thorough. While at the start I did not know what to ask Sophie to do, now I find I have to stop myself from giving her just about everything. Sophie helps me in so many ways. Everything form organising and researching venues for events to setting up my weekly blog. The good thing is that Sophie has a real understanding of what I do so is able to conduct a lot of research for me, provide suggestions for my weekly blogs and also is a great sounding board to discuss ideas. I don’t feel I can be without her any longer.

Suparna Malhotra

Executive Coach , The Suparna Way