How to Make your Social Media Efforts Count in 2020

18 Nov 19 | Content marketing, Digital Marketing, Small business, Social media, Social media marketing

After nearly a whole year of posting, blogging, Tweeting and Tik-Toking, it’s time to take stock; time to review your statistics and see where you are now compared to January, and see what worked well and what didn’t go down so well from your content plans this year.  Once you’ve done that seemingly insurmountable task, you can start planning for 2020 – but wait!  Take a moment and have a read of our predictions for what will happen in the world of social media next year, and how to make your efforts, and budgets, count for more. 1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket Social media is a noisy place, with lots of other brands vying for your customers’ attention, so it’s worth knowing where and when to spend your time and money.  When you figure out which channel works best for you, it can be tempting to drop everything and focus all of your efforts on that one campaign.  The only thing constant in social media is change, and the big players like Facebook and LinkedIn are continually updating their algorithms, advertising rules and even image display sizes!  Don’t be caught out by a big change, and make sure to spread your efforts across a few channels. 2. Understand why you’re doing it Make sure your marketing goals match up to your overall business goals, and that each post is geared towards helping you achieve both.  If you understand why you are spending all this time and money on marketing, and what you are trying to achieve, then you will be far more successful in creating successful campaigns. 3. Review Regularly and Adjust Please don’t waste your time writing a 12 month content plan and believing you will stick rigidly to it for the whole year!  You need to review your efforts at least once a month, measure the results, and plan accordingly.  You can’t ignore the statistics and hope that you will achieve great things. 4. Focus on Video Studies suggest that by 2020, video will account for 85% of total Internet traffic.  For engagement, video outperforms images on every social media platform, and there is some evidence to suggest that videos have higher organic reach than posts with just text or images alone, and video ads have higher average click through rates than all other ad formats.  Add to that the rise of IGTV and TikTok, and the chances are that if you don’t use video in your social campaigns in 2020 you’ll miss out. 5. Show off your personality Finally, be yourself and be relatable.  It’s what sets SMEs apart from the multi-nationals they compete against.  In 2019, social media users learned not to trust everything they see and read online, so give them a reason to trust you.  In 2020, make sure your social media channels are honest, show personality and engage with your customers.  If you need some professional help, get in touch and we can discuss how we can make sure your social media gives you the return you deserve next year.