I understand that different clients have different needs so I offer a range of fee structures and packages to create flexibility for you and the chance to choose which one best suits you and your business. 

By the hour/pay as you go

If you would like support on an ad hoc basis, with total flexibility and no on-going commitments that’s no problem. The ad hoc rate is £50 an hour and you simply purchase the number of hours you would like, (minimum 1 hour), and we get started. I track my time and I will let you know when our hours have been used up, then you can top up again if you wish. Payment is made prior to work commencing and is to be made by bank transfer, standing order or Paypal.

Calculating and recording hours worked 

I use time-tracking software ensuring I only invoice you for actual time spent, time reports are issued with invoices.

Retainer packages

Retainer clients pay a fixed monthly fee each month based on their anticipated need for my services. This is an attractive option since clients have the reassurance that they will secure my services, time, commitment and loyalty. Retainer clients also benefit from discounted hourly rates.

Retainer band 1: 5 – 10 hours a month.

£45 p/h

Retainer band 2: 11 – 20 hours a month.

£42.50 p/h

Retainer band 3: 21 + hours a month.

£40 p/h


All retainer hours must be used within 1 month.

Additional hours will be invoiced monthly at a flat rate of £45. 

Retainer payments are non-refundable and do not carry over month to month.

Payment is preferred by bank transfer, standing order or PayPal.

If the above info didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line.